32 Floral Arrangements Photos from Maison & Objet

32 Floral Arrangements Photos from Maison & Objet

At one point, Maison & Objet interested by flower arrangements and other connected parts such as wallpaper with floral prints and grasp-painted butterflies and simple furnishings collections that interacted smartly with these arrangements. The terminate consequence was once a attractive searching show of color.


We had been attracted by this entire theme and wished to share with two our enthusiasm. This shows how crucial the cramped issues are. Gear play a a need to-non-public function in any interior décor. A strategically-positioned flower vase, a wall painting or the like minded print on the wallpaper could perchance even be parts that influence the ambiance and the create extra than you know.

The aggregate of styles featured here takes us reduction in time, when issues had been a cramped of bit diversified. Subtle an true be conscious to picture every thing with. Ornate chandeliers, deem frames, carefully carved facts on furnishings and many and hundreds plant life are parts that outline loads of the issues here.

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