6 Wide Backyard Landscaping Tips We Seen At This Fresh House In California

6 Wide Backyard Landscaping Tips We Seen At This Fresh House In California

Modern farmhouse landscaping ideas that include a lounge, dining pergola, and swimming pool.

Feldman Structure labored in conjunction with Arterra Landscape Architects to originate the exterior spaces of the Woodpecker Ranch, a recent house for a family in California.

Let’s interact a heed at the many exterior areas that like up the panorama originate…

1. Outside Sitting Rooms

A series of outdoor rooms provide a notify to relax within the coloration of a astronomical tree, while paths join the total varied areas of the garden.

A modern outdoor lounge with U-shape seating and a fire table.

A secondary exterior lounge surrounded by greenery has a pergola, which over time can have vegetation establishing coloration quilt.

A modern lounge that has a pergola with vines growing on it.

2. A Swimming Pool Surrounded By Sunbeds

Each exterior living rooms lead to the swimming pool, which has sunbeds lined up on two aspects, while a casual eating table is nearby.

A large swimming pool surrounded by sunbeds and lush landscaping.

3. A Field Devoted To Increasing Meals

The property also has raised vegetable gardens, an orchard, and a hen coop that offers a harvest for the house owner who has a culinary background.

A modern farmhouse with raised vegetable gardens.

4. A Kitchen With Bar

A constructing spoil away the main house is dedicated to an exterior kitchen, making it easy to prepare the harvested food, while stools like a bar house, and coloration is provided by the porch originate.

A custom outdoor kitchen with bar seating and patio.

5. An Alfresco Eating House

A pizza oven and astronomical eating terrace with a pergola offers even additional locations to cook and entertain, while a water feature helps to love a delicate atmosphere.

An outdoor dining area underneath a pergola with hanging lights and a wood fire pizza oven.

6. A Field To Play Games

As suitable for eating vegetation are scattered all over the garden, the family can thought herbs and fruit to snack on as they like their draw all over the property, from the pool to the bocce court. The diminutive preserving walls adjacent to the bocce court also double as bench seating that would possibly presumably well just additionally be dilapidated while searching at the sport.

A modern farmhouse yard with a bocce court.
Photography by Paul Dyer | Structure: Feldman Structure | Interiors: Kendall Wilkinson Develop | Landscape Develop: Arterra Landscape Architects | Builders: Clarum Homes | Structural Engineer: Max Chen & Mates | Civil Engineer: Clifford Bechtel & Mates

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