Agua Dwelling by Barrionuevo Sierchuk Arquitectas

Agua Dwelling by Barrionuevo Sierchuk Arquitectas

Barrionuevo Sierchuk Arquitectas agree with designed the Agua Dwelling in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


From the architects:

The online page online is 2.000sq. meters (21,530 sq ft), going through the Northeast, having a discover on the Canal Arias river, in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. It has 450sq meters (4,840 sq ft) and it is designed for a pair with out younger other folks, with, in the bottom floor, a program of very fantastic reception areas, that opens and closes by very fantastic wooden sliding doorways that hides into the partitions.



Within the first floor are the Grasp Bedroom and one other minute bedroom for guests.

The condo is designed in step with two stone partitions (comprised of Laja Neuquen) that work collectively all over the condo. The coloration of the stone is the starting keep aside of your entire coloration pallet of the condo.



The panorama your entire time will get to the constructing all over it’s fantastic crystal facades.

The sunshine transforms the condo along the day.






Architects: Barrionuevo Sierchuk Arquitectas

Pictures by Daniel Tejo and Adriana Edith Sierchuk

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