Aperture Dwelling by Stu/D/O in Bangkok, Thailand

Aperture Dwelling by Stu/D/O in Bangkok, Thailand

Challenge: Aperture Dwelling
Architects: Stu/D/O
Plot: Bangkok, Thailand
Plot: 3,767 sq feet
Pictures by: Courtesy of Stu/D/O

Aperture Dwelling by Stu/D/O

The Aperture Dwelling is a four-fable up to the moment family home designed by Stu/D/O in Bangkok, Thailand. The region is designed for a photographer and a landscape dressmaker. The win takes cues from their occupations and the architects did a stellar job merging the greenery and the fastidiously organized openings that point out fleshy-framed views of the environment.

From the architects: “A rental for a photographer and a landscape dressmaker; Aperture Dwelling frames its surrounding natures and contain the natural world within its serene envelope. Yet, in stillness of this delicately serene ambiance, Aperture Dwelling captures the turnings of time via the interplay of lights and shadows, as daylight cascade via the architectural facade and openings.”

“The 4 fable colossal fashioned rectangular mass changed into carefully carved out, permitting the natural landscape to seeps into its right enclosure and manufacture a gratifying atmosphere for private spaces. The preferrred void shows an expansive vertical residing, as it internally and externally becomes the first level of interest the home. The continuity of the external envelope shapes and completes the fashioned geometric architectural originate, while shielding the first residing rental, which situates itself within this colossal void, from the on occasion unforgiving Bangkok solar.”

“Scattered at some level of the external enclosure, are fastidiously serene openings of the architectural facades. The properly-organized openings shows fleshy-framed search of the encircling vistas for the first functions of the home. Even as the expansive facade openings flood rooms with daylight, the puny tapered openings serene fundamental corridors, filtering natural gentle patterns to continually remodel and make stronger the domestic spaces. From the originate air, the 0.60×0.60 m square punctures are uniformly equal and assuredly dispersed and because the altering daylight travels via the progressively tapered voids into the within, the dynamic provocative of lights and shadows manufacture hobby from the within and out.”

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