Bausch   Lomb HQ by 137Kilo and Beza Projekt

Bausch Lomb HQ by 137Kilo and Beza Projekt

137Kilo and Beza Projekt bear designed the interiors of the Bausch + Lomb HQ in Poland.


From the designers:

The project is the Poland headquarters of a clean pharmaceutical company. The consumer wished the plan of labor space to concentrate on the corporate’s scientific heritage whereas providing a high high-quality working atmosphere for its staff.

Analysis labs and talk to lenses – the consumer’s predominant product – served as our inspiration. White exposed ceilings blended with glass surfaces mix to originate a gentle and clear space. This apparently sterile aesthetic is balanced by inexperienced walls along the space’s predominant visual axes and functional solutions which wait on teamwork and leisure.

Curtains no longer easiest provide privacy, nonetheless also introduce a homey atmosphere as a result of their mushy forms

An open-space plan was once historical for moderately a few the workspaces. The open space is punctuated with assembly room domes which also delineate the plan of labor’s deal of departments.

The domes are meant for less formal work conferences. Their excessive-tech inflatable surfaces invoke the consumer’s predominant product – contact lenses. The domes’ interior steel structure provides rigidity and adherence to fireplace codes.

The domes are connected to ventilation and air con systems – rising a elated work atmosphere.

The consumer’s need to offer a elated work atmosphere is manifested by the “relaxing room” which capabilities a library, a foosball table and an grownup-dimension playpen.

Work areas are among the project’s key parts. Every four-particular person work space invokes the “+” symbol (a share of the corporate’s mark) and has a runt tree in its heart. Workers at each space are liable for watering their tree, which underlines the corporate’s dedication to crew work.

The vegetation in the inexperienced walls were chosen for their ability to purify indoor air and accumulate up mud.

The beget was once examined on scale devices – the final version was once presented to the total crew earlier than the originate of construction.

Interior beget: 137Kilo and Beza Projekt
Wall graphics: Tymek Jezierski
Photography: Jacek Kolodziejski

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