Binh Home by VTN Architects in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Binh Home by VTN Architects in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Project: Binh Home
Architects: VTN Architects
Command: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Home: 2,507 sq toes
Photos by: Courtesy of VTN Architects

Binh Home by VTN Architects

The Binh Home demonstrates an technique the build tropical gardens, launch areas and water are integrated inside a high density neighborhood. It’s miles a component of VTN Architects‘s Home for Trees series and it’s far located within the metropolis of Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. This 2,500 sq toes contemporary house is occupied by a family of three generations so setting up a home that will give each and each inhabitant their like home whereas mute encouraging interaction used to be somewhat a divulge of affairs for the architects.
The building is organized with vertical stacking the build the gardens and glass walls are sure between the two predominant concrete facades. This is a draw that improves the micro-native weather by introducing natural air waft and daylight hours into every room whereas furthermore rising the visibility and interaction inside the home.

From the architects: “Below the fleet urbanization, cities in Vietnam like diverged removed from their origins as low density tropical inexperienced home. Newly developed metropolis areas are losing their connection with nature. Binh home by Vo Trong Nghia Architects (VTN Architects) is one mission within the “Home for Trees” series, a prototypical housing produce, providing inexperienced home inside high density neighbourhood.
Gardens located on high of the vertically stacking areas; bounded by sliding glass doorways. This system no longer easiest improves the microclimate through the use of natural air waft and daylight hours in every room, however the alternately stacking openings furthermore expand visibility and interaction between the family contributors.
Residing, dining, bedrooms, peek room are consistently opened. From one room, folk’s sightlines can attain beyond to the assorted rooms during the gardens.
Service areas similar to the kitchen, toilets, stairs and corridors would be found within the west to limit warmth radiation exposure towards step by step occupied areas. The vertical variation of areas creates a lopsided stress incompatibility. Thus, when the encircling homes are constructed, natural air waft is maintained. Thanks to these passive ideas, the home repeatedly stays frigid within the tropical native weather. Air conditioning machine is no longer indubitably outdated faculty.
The spend of sustainable presents similar to natural stone, wood, exposed concrete blended with the microclimate, this home reduces tremendously operational and repairs designate. Up prior to now, residents like by no manner outdated faculty furnished AC. The structure is no longer easiest to fulfill the useful and fair concerns, but furthermore as a manner to connect folk to folk and folk to nature.”

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