What Are Forex Trading Hours?

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What Are Forex Trading Hours? and at what time is Forex traded? Today’s financial market technology, globalization, and people to invest in research and other currencies and it provides the option for wanting to evaluate their investments with other products in the financial market the forex market is the most preferred in our country and in the world for investment purposes are used intensively. So What Is Forex? How To Play? This is because the most well-known forex terms are leverage, low spread rates, bidirectional trading and wide trading hours. In the wide range of trading hours, the globality factor comes into play. For this reason, we can also say that Forex is a global market. Because it is global, it is not managed from a single center. Trading and similar activities are carried out through the countries of the world where investors trade in the Forex market, thanks to an interbank system. Together with an interbank system, connections can be established between centers, and investors from each country can easily trade in the same market. In addition, unlike other markets, forex can be traded 5 days and 24 hours a day. But as all world markets close on weekends, the forex financial market is also closing.

It should also be noted that forex brokerage firms provide a connection with the Forex market. They help you trade through various platforms.

What Are Forex Trading Hours?

Forex trading, unlike other financial markets, can be done 5 days and 24 hours a day. In order for you to be able to trade for 5 days and 24 hours, trade centers must be able to trade. Because Forex is a global market, it has announced its name in all countries around the world and has managed to become the most used investment method. As is known, the most well-known commercial centers in the world are London, New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Frankfurt, Zurich, Paris and Hong Kong. These are the most important trade centers. These trading centers have different time zones, different due to their location and geographical reasons. For example, when it is morning in England, it is midnight in the United States. When it is evening in Australia, it is morning in Turkey. As the Forex market opens in Turkey, the market in Australia may be closing. The situation is the same for other commercial centers. One is closed while the other’s market is open. The Forex market is constantly active in the global understanding because it must be active on each of these central positions.

Another advantage of forex trading is that it takes place over the internet, which allows investors to evaluate the opportunities that you will encounter from where they sit for 24 hours.

Forex trading hours start when the Sydney – Australian market opens on Sunday night. Then other trading centers open and the loop is formed. By Friday, the market closes at 23.59, along with the New York market. So it opens with Sydney and closes with New York.

The market opens with The Sydney market on Sunday night, followed by the Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo markets. It then proceeds westward, opening. It last closes in New York, and the loop continues that way. Toward the close of the Middle East markets, the American market opens. This process is the most mobile period. This is when the trading volume is peak, and therefore there can be sudden price movements.

At What Time Is The Forex Market Traded?

Because the Forex market is a global market, trading hours are also different than the stock market. It is traded on the Forex market for 24 hours 5 days a week, except for weekends. Forex Sunday Saturday is active every weekday except Sunday. At the same time, you can easily make all your transactions over the internet at these time intervals and take advantage of this market wherever you want. There is a system that integrates the market with the investor that allows trading in the Forex market. This system and service will be owned by the brokerage firm where we will use the Forex market.

Forex Trading Sales
The brokerage firm informs us about everything related to Forex, guides and provides training opportunities. In this way, we learn the market better and prevent the risks caused by inexperience a little bit. In addition, these brokerage firms that we choose also create a technological infrastructure that connects us to the market. You can also make transactions and investments 24 hours a day 5 days a week through the MetaTrader platform, which is the most used of these infrastructures. Forex transactions are carried out by banks, institutions and individual investors through an electronic network. 24-hour transactions on weekdays take place through this global network. According to general rules, the Forex market also becomes active with the opening of the Australian Sydney market at night on Sunday. As time passes, the Forex markets of other countries also become active. Markets gradually start to open, and this business proceeds in a continuous cycle. On Friday, when it is also night, the Forex market moves to close with the close of the New York market. So Friday Sunday at 23.59 O’clock at night until 23.59 O’clock on Friday all over the world thanks to this network and systematic cycle, traders in the Forex market can perform their transactions. As a rule, when the Middle Eastern markets approach the close, experienced Forex traders make a profit during the time period when the American market opens. It is also reliable and provides a lot of opportunities for its investor. To take advantage of these opportunities easily, you also need to choose the best forex companies in Forex 2019. Thanks to the institution, you can also invest in Forex at any time on weekdays, except weekends.

What To Look For During Forex Trading Hours
In addition to being able to invest in Forex at the time and place we want, there are important points that we should pay attention to. Because local investors are active during the hours when both markets are running at the same time, there may be sudden increases in transactions. This increase causes foreign exchange prices to rise in the same way. That is why foreign exchange investors should pay attention to these trading hours. Otherwise, sudden falls in prices can also occur and be damaged. Another issue that should also be considered is the overnight interest-related swap price. When open positions are moved to the next day, swap prices are also reflected as increased or decreased. For this reason, it may also be preferred to choose an account without swaps, or a reliable brokerage company with low swap and spread rates should be selected. We have to evaluate the clock advantages well and follow the market carefully. In this way, we can create positions in the Forex market as we want and make a profit by using them carefully.

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