Casa 3 at Colinas de Payandé by Arquitectura en Estudio and Natalia Heredia

February 23, 2021
Casa 3 at Colinas de Payandé by Arquitectura en Estudio and Natalia Heredia

Arquitectura en Estudio alongside with Natalia Heredia personal designed Casa 3 at Colinas de Payandé. The casa is found in Villeta, a dinky city north of Bogotá, Colombia.



100km north of Bogotá lies the dinky city of Villeta, the put this country dwelling has been constructed. The ever-demonstrate warmth climate, the dramatic landscapes and the greenery of the mountains personal entirely driven the rating of the dwelling, which intends to blur the boundaries between the out of doorways and the interior whereas framing the most sexy views.

You rating admission to the dwelling by job of an commence courtyard/garden by which you’d also peep, at a explore, the total span of the social areas of the dwelling whereas being straight drawn into the exuberance of the vegetation of the web web content online. The interior living, dining and kitchen areas widely commence in opposition to the out of doorways swimming pool and deck areas, forming a truly horizontal, commence conception social dwelling that spills into the landscape.

The extra non-public web web content online, which contains the 4 bedrooms, has been specified by an adjoining fly to be accessed through an commence garden/corridor. Whereas the total lavatories personal the assist of natural light and their very occupy non-public garden, the bedrooms explore out onto the mountains from their privileged stance and could possibly maybe maybe moreover be entirely commence in opposition to the landscape.

The dwelling makes the most out of a truly easy positive language: round steel columns, spruce horizontal concrete slabs and a fastidiously knit bushes cloak, which will entirely commence or terminate at will. Rather a lot of the furniture is made up by white painted masonry, simplifying the maintenance course of.

The mountains, the greenery and the water are demonstrate in each and each web web content online, and air is completely flowing freely from the out of doorways to the interior and from the interior to the out of doorways, though here we can’t in actual fact know which is which.

Architect: Arquitectura en Estudio and Natalia Heredia
Pictures: David Uribe

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