Celluloid Jam by N MAEDA ATELIER

Celluloid Jam by N MAEDA ATELIER

N MAEDA ATELIER like designed a house named Celluloid Jam in Yokohama, Japan.


From the architects

Imagine a position it is doubtless you’ll maybe well possibly also image, when letting your mind wonder help in time: damp soil kinds a soft floor, catching your footsteps, frail, weather-beaten stairs, that had been faded in earlier times as an earthen course, a appetizing outdated retaining wall and reasonably cherished vegetation.

When we first location foot on this outdated soil in town of Myoren-ji, we now not merely obtained desirous about this lush position, however reasonably desirous about its’ overwhelming class, that laid in every single FIBRE.

Such a sense might possibly well still on no account be considered as one thing traumatic, in phrases of architecture, moreover might possibly well still it be as such occupied by the grounds’ fascination.

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To position it in totally different words: to manufacture an architecture doesn’t merelz mean to “place one thing on the ground”, however reasonably to realize help nearer to the grounds’ scrupulous dealing.

At the same time as you happen to let your finger skedaddle across the complete surface of Celluloid Jam, no topic the place it is doubtless you’ll maybe well initiating, it is doubtless you’ll maybe well possibly also

a) plod in a single spherical from exterior to inside of and help to your starting level without taking a damage.

b) contact every level on the exterior as wisely as on the inside of and returning help to your starting level without lifting your finger as soon as.

On one hand there might possibly be the surface, which outcomes as a plod with the movement of the architecture from outer wall to roof to floor to inside of wall to ceiling and can subsequently be considered as a seamless construction. While on totally different hand the form itself is being created by reducing, opening and bending the so called Moebius strip (which is formed topologically by twisting and turning a belt in form of the number 8).

You might possibly well maybe with out a doubt feel the hopeful for the ground to alter into one with the architecture. So in expose to plan this connection of exterior rendering, vegetation, rooms, retaining wall, terrace, frail stairs, patio and balcony with geometric again, the two ingredients (architecture and nature) had been slowly mixed to one united mass by making use of adhesion.

To underline this influence, Celluloid Jams complete surface has been realized without visible junctures. The wooden construction is revetted by fibre restrained plastic to plan one routine surface of both inside of and exterior and moreover to discover one flowing shell, whereby the punctual static hundreds are being diminished, while the static hundreds can also be evenly spread. So the architectural shell approaches its keen pure example: the egg shell.

On top of the soil, the place the Moebius strip touches the ground, the border between nature and the architecture dissolves into nothing, factual admire melting plastic. This separation is merely considered and projected by the deem.

Pictures: Toshihiro Sobajima

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