Chongqing Greenland Clubhouse by PURE Make

Chongqing Greenland Clubhouse by PURE Make

PURE Make possess done the Chongqing Greenland Clubhouse in Chongqing, China.



Description from PURE Make:

The Chongqing Greenland Clubhouse is positioned halfway up the south facet of the mountain in Hong’en Temple Forest Park, Chongqing, facing the Jialing River. It is one in every of twenty-three industrial constructions, at the initiating mature as a exact estate gross sales centre for the Greenland Bund Heart project.

Designed as a medium for dialogue between the river and mountain, the spatial ride thru the building reflects the peculiar qualities of the dynamic terrain.

As a result of the one fable height distinction between the mountainside entrance and the terrace overlooking the river, the building includes two flooring. The 2nd diploma includes the principle entrance, and is basically mature as the particular estate exhibition dwelling, containing multimedia shows and a river ogle ride. The predominant flooring capabilities as a gross sales centre, containing devices of the properties and gross sales areas. It is furthermore connected to the model homes.

In terms of structure, the get of the first diploma is conceived from a glass box, pristine and sturdy. On the 2nd diploma, the facet facing the mountain makes use of stretched triangular shapes to originate an undulating contour line, echoing the silhouette of the mountains. Additionally, the heavy gray colour of the external zinc cladding integrates the structure with the metropolis. In distinction, the skin facing the river is unruffled and lithe, paying homage to a crystal case; its translucency presents tiny disturbance to the river surroundings while permitting a total ogle of the river from the inner of the building. On this basis, the client is led on a winding route containing seven varied experiences from the 2nd flooring entrance to the first flooring terrace. Let every customer ride the implausible thing about the medium between the positioning and its setting, mild of an infinity pool, river, triangular get, courtyard, and crystal case.

Venture: Chongqing Greenland Clubhouse
Pickle: Chongqing, China
Location: 1100m2
Make Agency: PURE Make LLC.
Structural Engineer: Shanghai Baoye Building Group Corp.
Panorama Make: Collective Panorama Make LLC.
Interior Make: MoHen Make Worldwide
Pictures: Shu He


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