Condo in Melides by Pedro Reis in Grândola, Portugal

Condo in Melides by Pedro Reis in Grândola, Portugal

Mission: Condo in Melides
Architects: Pedro Reis
Self-discipline: Melides, Grândola, Portugal
Condo: 3,702 sq ft
Images by: FG + SG

Condo in Melides by Pedro Reis

This Condo in Melides is a up-to-the-minute vacation dwelling by Pedro Reis. It is located in Melides in the Grândola municipality in Portugal.
The minimalist procure philosophy represents a handy, dynamic and atmosphere suited each day life that is in step with the owner’s want to have a up-to-the-minute vacation dwelling to flee from the busy city life. This philosophy is utilized in every facet of the procure of this dwelling including the architecture, inner areas and begin air areas.

From the architects: “The dwelling in Melides, on the southern Alentejo Plug, by Pedro Reis, represents the want for a vacation dwelling as a getaway from the bustle of a huge city. The consumer made the strange determination to have an architectural competitors between three definite ateliers, permitting a different from a grand wider range of probably alternatives. This a success proposal gifts a finding out of the “drama” of the natural geographical region, building it on high of a steep hill slightly protected by the encompassing “rugged topography”.”

“Inhabiting this dwelling manner “founding a feature” through a “proper geometric impress”, performed by two volumes overlapping in the form of a “unpleasant”. The target of this dialectic technique will not be any longer gentle to decrease the “scale and presence” of the vogue, nonetheless also to “atomize up” the programme into two areas, one more “exuberant” and uncovered and the diversified more “intimate” and contained. If the sunshine better volume remembers the bogus image of the unusual dwelling, with natty glass areas begin to the scenic geographical region, the “anchored” decrease volume, clad with sheets of earth-coloured concrete, pre-fabricated in situ, sits on the bottom, giving toughen and steadiness to the dwelling. “

“Referring to programmatic organisation, the “suspended” better volume concentrates the principle areas, defining the “minimal housing unit”, while the decrease volume acts as an “growth zone”, internet assert hosting more intimate areas or provider areas, permitting increased occupation. The kitchen, because the centre of the dwelling, takes on paramount significance here, acting because the crossing-point for all movements: coming into, going during the within and sharp out into the garden, with the lengthy pergola providing shade and a water tank reflecting the pine timber, dwelling under the dwelling into the principle bedroom. The expertise of this dwelling targets to be conscious of its essence, on being inner and outside, on making an allowance for and lingering, highlighting a luscious sense of living, discontinuance to the facilities of urban life.”

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