Cube Apartment by Agraz Architects in Jalisco, Mexico

Cube Apartment by Agraz Architects in Jalisco, Mexico

Venture: Cube Apartment
Architects: Agraz Architects
Location: Jalisco, Mexico
Place: 6,587 sq toes
Photos by: Mito Covarrubias

Cube Apartment by Agraz Architects

The Cube Apartment is a luxurious contemporary dwelling by Agraz Architects situated in Jalisco, Mexico. Its create contains a quite straightforward and gentle-weight-weight geometry which used to be chosen to reply to the positioning’s topography.
The building is placed on a hill overlooking a meadow which is a extremely famous ingredient because it presents colossal views. The key ground has side toll road safe entry to which presents the inhabitants with easy transition between non-public and public existence. The opposite segment of the house is below side toll road level in clarify to magnify privacy.

From the architects: “The dice apartment yields to the geometry that combines gentle and the topography of the panorama. The bottom leans to the north with moving views to a ravine in a real succession of horizons, so the house takes over the close of the hill.
This build enables ordering the enclosures in a natural formulation. The arrive seeks to appreciate the hillside, promoting an architecture that is born from the earth (there are about 15 meters of unevenness within the longitudinal course of the land).
This natural slope with its irregularities, urged hanging the final areas of the house on the ideal level and leave downstairs to the non-public areas. On the ground ground, at side toll road level, yow will uncover: the parking areas, the house safe entry to, the eating room and the kitchen.
A extensive double-height apartment for contemplation of nature, which is expressed to the outside as a sizable dice. Downstairs, the bedrooms and a minute living room join the patio. Beneath are the bedrooms and the internal existence finds its build.”

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