De La Cuna A La Luna By Juan Carlos Menacho

De La Cuna A La Luna By Juan Carlos Menacho

Juan Carlos Menacho has designed a toy retailer named “De La Cuna A La Luna” (From The Cradle To The Moon), located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.


From the Architect:

In spite of the age of the shopper, after they hotfoot in this toy retailer in Santa Cruz-Bolivia, they’ll be offered with a different world. The premises for this project had been “coloring, animation, and imagination without limits, wild and indomitable, naturally bubbly and prankish”, and whenever you are right thru the toy retailer it’s likely you’ll presumably maybe gape all of this.

All furnishings used to be conceived and designed for younger of us whose top is about 1 meter (3.3 ft). This subject is gleaming and organic, with loads of beginning home that aid the small ones to spin spherical and explore any object they wish.
The cases and cabinets seem to bounce, they spin softly on the house and are gentle and prankish.

“De la Cuna a la Luna” is no longer totally about toys. It moreover has a theater, a tea room, a juice bar, a cozy corner, a studying room and an disclose home.

The inconceivable thing referring to the shop is in step with the purity of own by architect Menacho. The sky folds on the ceiling of the shop, taking the own of a cloud that floats overhead. Special lighting permits for this illusion to happen with soft lights that give the influence of stars, altering the personality of the retailer by bringing day and evening.”

Architect: Juan Carlos Menacho

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