February 17, 2021

KISSMIKLOS has designed Emmaroz, a ladies folks’s tailor and clothing retailer in Szeged, Hungary.











From the designers

My inspiration for the internal build turned into femininity, purity and an fashioned salon atmosphere. Coming into by the door the client is greeted by an imposing suppose, its center is a enormous structure object, a staircase that leads to the gallery. The constructing is such as a loom. The broad chandelier has the comparable fetch, it hangs above the receptionist’s desk. Other parts of the internal acquire a classic sort in mind. There’s also a restaurant nook, where folks can talk or be taught. On the Provence styled table there’s a plate that’s in general veteran for cakes, here it’s decorated with brilliant yarns. They see admire macaroons from the distance. This affiliation is on reason, the connection of confectionery and sort fits this suppose thoroughly, delicate yet feminine. Updated sort magazines and books are making our waiting time powerful extra enjoyable with diminutive structure small print admire the drawers on the wall – functioning as bookcases. For teenagers that you just might also gather a swing here, it’s a really great thing within the build, the suppose got its name from the owner’s daughter, Emmaroza. The suppose is mainly white, with yellow retro easy-chair and a yellow staircase.

On the gallery you behold a room where they regulate sizes of clothing. There’s a becoming room, yellow retro easy-chairs, and a shelf with the clients’ folders. A white curtain and a temporary hall divides the suppose where the stitching room is. This plan is reserved for the tailors.

Under the gallery there’s the designer shop. Emmaroz produces numerous clothing objects for sort designers – so we made up our minds that it must acquire a suppose where they are able to promote them too.

At the entrance of the shop is the very best room with a classical yellow piano chair, the restrooms with a signal above the replicate – you is more seemingly to be gorgeous -, and the stitching plan.

The inner build is a mash up of the 19th century classic sort and the foundation of the 20th century, the comparable previous salon atmosphere, mixing it with a contemporary architectural build.

Szeged is a really enjoyable and candy city, with hundreds of university students. We envisioned a suppose where vacationers and build followers would also admire to seek the advice of with, even true for a portray. This tailor might perhaps gather a technique to be at any broad city’s sort district, in Szeged it can develop real into a gathering point for followers of sort and build.

Photography by Bálint Jaksa

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