Fidar Coastline Dwelling by Raëd Abillama Architects

Fidar Coastline Dwelling by Raëd Abillama Architects

Raëd Abillama Architects like designed the Fidar Coastline Dwelling in Lebanon.


From the architects

This summer season seaside dwelling for a family of five and three visitors is situated in Jbeil, along the northern soar of Lebanon. Regardless of its rugged nature, the positioning is proscribed by a foremost 10m shoreline setback. This limits the project’s placement to a relatively flat dwelling between a secondary non-public avenue and the ocean.

The project goals at maintaining the pure qualities of the positioning by seamlessly integrating itself to the present landscape. The final form strategy had predominant implications on the programmatic and tectonic theory of the seaside dwelling.

Public areas are placed at place entry stage and non-public areas are positioned at the decrease stages. The tip stage is constructed as a platform raised on short columns, with the plot of minimal alteration of the pure rocky landscape, whereas bettering the inquire of of the shoreline. The threshold of the deck is diminished, along with the strip adjoining to it as a map to steal any obstructions in entrance of the inquire of. Elevating and lowering of the terraces creates a sequence of seating prerequisites that further animates the out of doorways deck. The stairwell and entrance hall are grouped with lighting and air waft shafts to make a threshold between stages of public areas. The out of doorways pergola and shower cabin further lengthen this demarcation line. The platform rests on the bedrooms that are placed as shut as imaginable to the shore.

This customized relationship is further explored thru tailored openings catering to diversified programmatic requirements, as successfully as highlighting particular events in the surrounding atmosphere. By their bolt-in qualities the guest quarters just like the independence of a guest-dwelling whereas connecting to the predominant dwelling.

Architects: Raëd Abillama Architects
Photographs: © Géraldine Bruneel

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