Glass Home by NAF Architect & Carry out

January 13, 2021
Glass Home by NAF Architect & Carry out

NAF Architect bear designed the Glass Home in Hiroshima, Japan.


Project description:

This building is in maintaining with a straightforward procedure of stacking tremendous concrete blocks of 1.0 m x 1.0 m x 1.5m care for building blocks on top of 1 one more to manufacture a building with mountainous undulation care for breakwater or wave-dissipating blocks. These tremendous concrete blocks are manufactured at any cement factory in Etajima metropolis, Hiroshima, at a extremely low label as excess cement is reused and in general dilapidated for ground of maintaining wall or anchors of rafts for cultured oysters. These tremendous concrete blocks are made of leftover concrete whenever there is an provide an explanation for of concrete at cement factory, as there’ll always be a surplus, and offered as a product rather than discarding. As concrete blocks are manufactured at such a charge, in maintaining with the operation notify of the factories, the building progressed in maintaining with the drag of the compose of the concrete blocks. The construction of this building changed into no longer in maintaining with the time time table, as in fashioned building development, but waited for the stock of tremendous concrete blocks to proceed the work; a “uninteresting architecture” perceived ridiculous in smartly-liked building work.

Groove is slice on the bottom of these blocks to bear them lifted by cranes. By stacking blocks to manufacture vertical line of this groove, reinforcing metal will be placed via the blocks to steady quake resistance. This scheme of stacking is made standardized to supply variation of route and intervals; at a location giving stare and making passage of the wind and at one more location securing the privateness.

Total composition of the building contains roof and clear glass to surround interior location with the aforementioned concrete block building. There’s now not this type of thing as a roof over the concrete blocks. Due to the this fact rays of the sun pour over the blocks, and the reflection of the light shines contained within the house. Furthermore, vines of masses of plant life will be planted alongside the block, altering breakwater-care for building to a hill of flower and greenery in the end.

Mass of stacked tremendous concrete blocks is grand too constructive as a building of a building, and the silhouette is grand from odd. The building additionally has a feature of landscape which controls wind, light and inexperienced, main these elements interior and giving freedom to the inner location which exceed the compose of old architecture.

Scoot to the NAF Architect & Carry out online page online – here.

Photography by Noriyuki Yano



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