Green Solid by Kengo Kuma and Friends

January 13, 2021
Green Solid by Kengo Kuma and Friends

Kengo Kuma and Friends non-public designed a tiny constructing in Odawara, Japan, that has a facade covered in planters.


Description from Kengo Kuma:

The façade of the constructing is covered with planters manufactured from aluminum die-cast panels, which provides dwelling for companies. The 3 (as a lot as 6) aluminum panels, which moreover originate planters, are made in monoblock casting. Each and every panel is slanted, and its surface appears to be natural, of which cast comes from decayed styrene foam. Gear comparable to watering hose, air reservoir for air float and downpipes are installed in the abet of the panels so that the façade can accommodate a entire machine for the constructing.

Visit the Kengo Kuma and Friends web pages – right here.

Photography by Daici Ano



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