Grid House by APOLLO Architects & Friends in Tokyo, Japan

Grid House by APOLLO Architects & Friends in Tokyo, Japan

Undertaking: Grid House
Architects: APOLLO Architects & Friends
Advise: Tokyo, Japan
Advise: 1,356 sq feet
Photography by: Masao Nishikawa

Grid House by APOLLO Architects & Friends

APOLLO Architects & Friends, a Japanese studio, were approached by their next consumer with a put a matter to to combine his meticulous sequence of artwork and furnishings into a recent home. This was once the origin of the Grid House which is located in a restful neighborhood in Tokyo Japan.
Its originate is held together by a bolstered concrete construction with a low-profile. Connected to the exterior originate, its within is in a monochromatic shade plan that creates a just background which highlights the displayed artwork.
The title of the home comes from the grid like concrete ceiling that sits above the family room which references the architecture in temples and feeble tea houses.

From the architects: “The patron for this project has a mountainous artwork sequence, and desired to start up a new chapter in lifestyles with his family in a home with museum-like qualities that would take suited thing about this sequence. The neighborhood surrounding the net page is restful, so in expose to support noise to a minimal and now no longer originate an intrusive feeling, we proposed a single-anecdote bolstered concrete construction. Luxuriate in the exterior, the internal ingredients a monochrome shade plan that serves as a exact background for artwork. The constructing and finishing supplies were also fastidiously chosen and saved to a minimal, giving the spaces an austere ambiance.”

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