Hill-Maheux Cottage by Kariouk Friends

January 13, 2021
Hill-Maheux Cottage by Kariouk Friends

Kariouk Friends designed the Hill-Maheux Cottage in Val-des-Monts, Quebec, Canada.


Invent Problem:
On this minute, weekend and vacation retreat, the clients and their daughter inspect to come to a decision on refuge from the sphere. As such, the dwelling is introverted; however the clients furthermore desired that the dwelling reach a most connection to its aesthetic, forested, lake-aspect location. Final, it’s a must must imprint that this dwelling is built as a region the clients will place for their entire lives after which pass on to their daughter; the clients, a pair each enraged about artwork conservation, sought a dwelling whose originate would itself be conceived as a vessel for the conservation of the household recollections that can proceed to unfold right here.

Invent Resolution:
The originate of the cottage is easy: two “bars” of residing apartment that are joined by an elliptical loft hovering over the foyer and giving safe haven to the entry below. One bar is non-public, containing bedrooms, toilets, and storage; one bar is public, containing the kitchen, eating, and residing areas. The elliptical loft is the domain of the daughter.
Rather than “walling-in” the two ground-stage volumes to reach privateness, they are made with spirited expanses of glass and are sited on the threshold of the property the put vegetation is most dense. The underside of the loft volume and the fireplace surround are surfaced with a “quilt” of metal plates, along side copper and zinc printing plates that the clients bought from a printmaker friend. Many of the plates are etched with landscapes from the long-established printmaker, but many are etched with works created by the couple and their daughter. There are, alternatively, many yet-unetched plates that can even be removed, worked by the clients and their mates visiting the cottage, after which reinstalled. On this vogue, the dwelling keeps a file of its past.

Discuss over with the Kariouk Friends web pages – right here.

Photography by Photolux Studios (Christian Lalonde)



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