Home Love Village by Marc Koehler Architects

Home Love Village by Marc Koehler Architects

Marc Koehler Architects possess designed the Home Love Village in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Description from the architects:

With the transformation of an outdated harbor-cantina on KNSM eiland in Amsterdam into huge residences, this constructing changed characteristic however saved its identification.

The home we created is serene from 4 smaller ‘properties’, containing the more sprivate spaces and supporting facilities. In between them, an open multifunctional home emerges (the streets), and natural sunlight hours enters deep into the home.

The elevated second stage is broken-down for cooking, dining, working and has a guest home, linked by strolling bridges. These ‘roof terraces’ are placed in such one plot it’s in all probability you’ll fully ride the sight of the adjoining harbor. The partitions consist of closets and cupboards which double characteristic as a wood toughen construction. The entire loft-home is thus broken-down, however retains its open personality.

The enclosed volumes moreover work as climate compartments and limit the energy-employ. In the long speed the purposeful home would per chance well be enlarged by constructing additional ‘properties’ in the home now left open.

Architects: Marc Koehler Architects
Images: Marcel van der Burg

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