House 09 by i29 Inside Architects

House 09 by i29 Inside Architects

i29 Inside Architects occupy designed the inner of a residence in Bloemendaal, Netherlands.


From i29 Inside Architects

Shut to Bloemendaal, on the sting of the Kennemer dunes, the role of Villa Bloemendaal is positioned. A sustainable residence that follows a minimalistic create and displays admire for man and nature alike, in a utterly different residential affirm the attach the present wildlife are given elephantine rein.

i29 interior architects worked on the inner of a villa which became designed by Paul de Ruiter architects. A minimal reach to the materialisation and detailing of the building is a core payment of each and every the inner and exterior create. The tremendous expanses of glass and the patio extinguish in maximum day-lighting and give the inhabitants the feeling that the villa and the surrounding panorama are one.

In boom to bring nature inner necessary extra, all of the inner capabilities in the residence are made of pure materials. i29 interior architects created tremendous surfaces of wood thru your whole residence to glue utterly different areas. Cabinets, wardrobes, walls, sliding doorways, beds and even a fireplace web page online were made in a single and the identical topic cloth. Pine wood panels -in overall a frequent topic cloth- has been mature as a excessive extinguish ending with glowing diminutive print.

Inside Plan: i29 Inside Architects

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