Hunters Hill Condominium by Arkhefield in Sydney, Australia

February 17, 2021
Hunters Hill Condominium by Arkhefield in Sydney, Australia

Mission: Hunters Hill Condominium
Architects: Arkhefield
Location: Hunters Hill, Sydney, Australia
Put: 3,595 sf
Photos by: Angus Martin

Hunters Hill Condominium by Arkhefield

The Hunters Hill Condominium mission within the Hunters Hill suburb of Sydney, Australia modified into achieved by Arkhefield, a studio from Brisbane. This original family house incorporate a field cloth palette of stone, concrete and trees developing a waggish and prosperous texture in context with the encircling ambiance. Truly, just a few of the presents were truly reused from the outdated house.
The minimalist internal bask in of the Hunters Hill Condominium parts a sturdy connection to the skin areas by technique of sliding glass doors but it indubitably also makes decided that there is a range of sunlight to chase round.

The transient for the Hunters Hill Condominium modified into to impress a brand new family house that well-liked the qualities of the positioning with a palette of richly textured presents and reference to our purchasers’ Italian and Sri-Lankan heritage.

The accomplish of the constructing responds to the neighbouring properties and establishes the functional program as a sequence of ‘garden rooms’ that entwine the new house with the panorama. Courtyards and gardens enable non-public connection to panorama and sky, linking the internal and pure ambiance.

Presents of concrete, stone & recycled trees were chosen and detailed to give the constructing a technique of age and permanence. The reuse of presents from outdated buildings on the property embeds the historic past of the positioning within the bask in. This adds meaning and depth to our purchasers’ trip of living in their new house. By the utilization of heat, textured and sturdy presents, we were ready to impress a delighted and functional internal, with detailing designed to give clarity of residence and accomplish. Connections between spaces enable our purchasers’ discontinuance family existence to flourish, and verify longer outlooks to the panorama are continuously accessible.

The living pavilion exemplifies the vision of the mission – to impress a residence built of raw presents that integrates internal and exterior, almost relating to the legend of our client and their residence. The conclusion of this modified into handiest doable by technique of the discontinuance collaboration of builder, engineers, and panorama architect; all with the reinforce of a shopper who valued our collective contribution.

Sustainable Architecture

The wellbeing of constructing users can also unbiased calm be predominant to sustainable bask in. We sought to increase our client’s trip of their new house by embedding a legend of the positioning’s historic past within the bask in, and the utilization of presents which own meaning and significance for them. Through reuse of trees, stone and brick from the positioning along with to recycled trees all the intention by technique of, a technique of age and richness of texture is obvious within the new bask in.

The environmental affect of the mission modified into minimized by technique of the incorporation of a quantity of vitality and water saving measures. Through optimal solar orientation, thermal mass, pure air waft and colossal insulation; the thermal comfort of the occupants has been enhanced and vitality consumption required to preserve out that is very a lot reduced. That is handiest seen within the planted roof to the living areas, which along with to to the thermal performance also slows rainwater runoff to diminish affect on storm water infrastructure. Extra vitality savings are made by technique of the occurrence of solar electrical energy machine, LED lights, and instantaneous hot water generation. Vital rainwater storage has been included along with low waft fixtures to diminish exercise of potable water by the occupants.

It is anticipated that by technique of the above measures our purchasers will survey reduced utility costs along with to minimizing the affect of this location on the native infrastructure networks.


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