La Luge by YH2 Architecture in Quebec, Canada

February 23, 2021
La Luge by YH2 Architecture in Quebec, Canada

Project: La Luge
Architects: YH2 Architecture (Yiacouvakis Hamelin Architects)
Set up: La Belief, Quebec, Canada
Residence: 1,300 sqft
Photos by: Francis Pelletier

La Luge by YH2 Architecture

Designed by YH2 Architecture, La Luge is a runt up-to-the-minute commute cottage that is located within the Laurentian Mountains in Quebec’s La Belief municipality.
This space became once designed as a aloof woodland retreat that can allow its inhabitants to abilities the cold weather season. It is made to produce final comfort in cold weather, equipped with a fireplace, snug constructed-in beds, a sauna and a hot tub, this puny home has the full lot it’s also possible to perchance favor of a commute cottage!

Mostly dedicated to the enjoyment of Quebec’s cold weather, La Luge is a secondary home lying within the midst of the woodland.

Nestled on its space, surrounded by dense vegetation conserving the home’s privacy, La Luge integrates a non-public spa which occupies nearly a third of the useable location, adding on to the oldschool geographical region living spaces.

While La Luge is as a compact scheme intended to accommodate a huge need of visitors, the home’s spaces could also additionally be reconfigured into diverse geometries: the utilization of gigantic sliding doors, the users could also rework the kids bed room accurate into a playground or a customer bed room, roughly opened onto the main living spaces.

The mission is produced from two embracing volumes place of living on diverse stages –one gloomy, one light, thus creating clear spaces, freely merging one into the different.

In this wooden shell fabricated from essences of cedar, oak and walnut, the atmosphere is tender but gleaming, soothing.

YH2 Architecture

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