Le Loft Des Innocents by Frédéric Flanquart

January 7, 2021
Le Loft Des Innocents by Frédéric Flanquart

French designer Frédéric Flanquart has designed the internal of a loft in Paris that had previously been damaged by a fireplace.


Description from the designer:

It all started on a September evening  in 2009, when all of us settled up there, on the roof, or not not up to what remained of it. The building had been thru a first-rate fire a year sooner than. The scene used to be pickle. The outlook of this bid became with out a doubt quick right into a crazy danger: form and raise out a shell-free house with – as reference marks- most attention-grabbing half of-burned out staircases -ensuing in the decrease level-, a commended scaffolding structure dilapidated as a roof, and a 360° see over Paris. The client wished something novel, ambitious and ingenious, in describe to flip over a brand novel leaf after 10 years spent on the loft. Both livid in regards to the usual of implementation and in regards to the structure and becoming exiguous print, he enabled us to compose a factual obedient experience out of this challenge. No longer a single spin used to be uncared for out, the target used to be to conceive an launch and welcoming house with as powerful stowage as that you would possibly perchance perchance well be able to imagine, while allowing a ecstatic circulation. We came up slightly quick with the belief of a soundless and stress-free pickle all the scheme thru the day switching to a suitable pickle of thriller and pleasure at evening. The dream came factual 18 months later, on December 31st, and the leaf naturally became over. A house the place the filtered, aimed, tamed gentle designs the amount. Straight or slanting, geometrically random at cases, the work of strains highlights each ingredient. The loft, a crammed with emotions challenge, combining complexity, simplicity and lightness.

Consult with Frédéric Flanquart’s web situation – here.

Images by Ludo Martin and Pascal Otlinghaus



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