Loewinger Spot by Shevi Loewinger and Ravit Kaplan in Guerneville, California

Loewinger Spot by Shevi Loewinger and Ravit Kaplan in Guerneville, California

Venture: Loewinger Spot
Architects: Shevi Loweinger, Ravit Kaplan
Space: Guerneville, California, USA
Space: 1,500 sq toes
Photos by: Chad Mellon

Loewinger Spot by Shevi Loewinger and Ravit Kaplan

Guerneville in Northern California is the dwelling to an overwhelming redwood wooded space that attracts vacationers out of your entire world. This breathtaking panorama is additionally the space the place the contemporary Loewinger Spot is found.
It became designed by the proprietor himself – Shevi Loewinger with the support of his architect buddy Ravit Kaplan. The first purpose of this home is to mark an arena for the family to use their holidays then all yet again it is additionally meant for renting. The operate is easy the place the exterior is clad in wooden while the internal is designed with simplicity in thoughts. It is largely a blend of the outdated vacation cabin and the contemporary urban home.

From the architects: “As an entrepreneur and operate lover with many of guts, I became buying for a share of land to mark a brand recent well-liked shuttle rental home that might be entirely my possess operate. I found a glowing flat sunny lot within the slight town of Guerneville, surrounded by extinct redwoods and with a huge one in my serve yard.
I envisioned the dwelling from the begin: It must be a wooden dwelling nonetheless with a truly well-liked attraction, excessive and tilted ceiling, astronomical windows, begin advise dwelling room.
The home has a important dwelling advise/kitchen with astronomical windows in both aspect and a excessive tilted ceiling, starting from 13 toes at the entrance to 20 toes within the serve, facing the astronomical tree and the mountain. There are three bedrooms on the first stage. Contemporary steel staircase outcomes in a glowing mezzanine over having a witness the first advise and the mountain. The home has two enormous decks, one within the serve facing the enormous yard and the astronomical tree, and every other one within the entrance, for shed sitting, having a witness at a slight tree dwelling we built for my daughter.

“My buddy Architect Ravit Kaplan prepared the plans for the allow. After getting the allow, I managed the internal operate and materials decisions: Cedar for the sidings, concrete flooring, Blomberg Dwelling windows, Kitchen from Leo Claudio cabinets in SF, designing the lavatories (one of them with dramatic dim penny flooring), educating the contractor easy tips about how to attain flash doorways (by finding out it myself from the guidelines superhighway), and the entire skill to the panorama and gardening. I selected mostly unbiased colours and straight lines.
In the begin I became pondering of a dim dwelling nonetheless after I seen the beauty of the cedar, I made up our minds to depart it pure.
It became a gigantic plump 365 days of using diverse instances a week from San Francisco to Guerneville (In Russian River advise, 1.5 hours power from SF) to control the project. I worked with a native contractor and native staff and I’m planning to work with all of all of them yet again. I’m in a position to’t now stay wide awake for the next project!”

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