Loft Bauhaus by Ana Paula Barros

January 13, 2021
Loft Bauhaus by Ana Paula Barros

Ana Paula Barros designed the Loft Bauhaus in Brasília, the capital city of Brazil.


Impressed by the successfully-known Farnsworth Dwelling by Mies Van der Rohe, the mission explores four of the five parts of standard structure: inaugurate opinion, pilotis, free facade and ribbon dwelling windows. Despite the straight lines and ravishing structure presented within the manufacture, organic and pure aspects bask in stone, iron and wood, which will doubtless be a constant within the work of Ana Paula, present heat and cosines, crucial aspects for a dwelling and, especially, to are residing.

The mission is silent by a colossal lounge / dining room, which furthermore works as a balcony. The room and the bog are within the an identical atmosphere, having effective the bog hidden. The tub is inaugurate to the outdoors garden with a safe glass panel. The kitchen, which has no divisions, is found on the other aspect of the room and it’s integrated with the dining room.

The distress with sustainability is a constant in this mission. Within the recent and humid local weather of Brazil the dwelling is suspended of the floor and furthermore has upper ventilation, a feature that helps thermal comfort. The dwelling is at 60cm of the floor, to preserve faraway from the weather discomforts. The hydraulic and electrical installation will more than doubtless be done below-floor, without requiring excavation and it’s easy to abet.

The gaps opened above the beams permits the exit of the recent air, mixed with the vast inaugurate sliding glass panels, rising a fulfilling thermal sensation to the atmosphere, reducing the need of air-con.

Fascinated by sustainability, the materials extinct for coating are made of reforested autoclaved pines, steel structure of constructing particles and Brazilian stones. A drawing of iron plates between the stones reminds to Mondrian’s neoplasticism. The gain correct of entry to to the dwelling is done by a ramp; the constructing doesn’t hold any unevenness, which helps the resident with special wants to switch around.

Talk over with the Ana Paula Barros web purpose – here.

Pictures by Edgard Cézar


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