Loom Pendant Lamps by Benjamin Hubert

Loom Pendant Lamps by Benjamin Hubert

Benjamin Hubert has created the Loom pendant lamps for the Swedish producer Zero.


Description from Benjamin Hubert:

Loom is a collection of natural textile pendant lamps utilising a original 3d woven polyester area cloth designed by Benjamin Hubert for Swedish producer Zero.

Before everything frail as a supply of consolation within the bedding industry the 3d  textile has by no formula sooner than been frail within the lighting industry.

The textile may perhaps perhaps well additionally be stretched spherical advanced kinds and diffuses the sunshine through its dense community of warp woven polyester fibers. The Textile is offset and contrasted with a brightly lit polymer lens on the center of each and each pendant.

The types of the textile lamps reference frail Chinese lanterns as a known reference point reworked with a original technological area cloth.

Bolt to the Benjamin Hubert’s site – right here.

Bolt to the Zero site – right here.


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