M16 Residence by NEBR Arquitetura in Carpina, Brazil

February 18, 2021
M16 Residence by NEBR Arquitetura in Carpina, Brazil

Project: M16 Residence
Architects: NEBR Arquitetura
Space: Carpina, Brazil
Field: 3,121 sf
Photos by: Maira Acayaba

M16 Residence by NEBR Arquitetura

NEBR Arquitetura from Brazil is the studio in the support of the invent of a wonderful up to the moment location in a gated neighborhood in the Brazilian town of Carpina. The M16 Residence is placed on an oblong corner lot so its invent could dispute a total lot of originate areas for natural light. Nonetheless that also methodology that it has to focal point on privacy. All of this has been sorted out with cautious integration of the natural landscape to boot to tinted home windows.

The M16 Residence is found amidst other homes in a gated neighborhood in town of Carpina. In pronounce to meet the customers’ wants, the mission presents a weekend rental to host, reunite and be the occasion for family gatherings. As a accurate away response to the 30m x 15m corner lot, the two regulating display screen ground educate a pragmatic division in the format of the environments with a continuous invent.

There could be then the multiplication of perceptions and the appropriation of the catch 22 situation thru the sequence of originate areas built-in into the natural landscape of the zone of the forest of Pernambuco, which unearths itself as a correct scenario in front of the largest tested rental. Having taken as a celebration a chain of originate areas, attributed better ambiance in consonance with the build of predominantly southern solar orientation.

The pedestrian salvage entry to of the home is led by a void, which receives a suspended staircase and establishes the connection of the social and provider areas on the bottom floor, and with the intimate build concentrated in the suspended prismatic volume. A immense terrace on the corner seems as a invent premise, welcoming the protagonist build and longer cease of the family. The coloration designated by an expressive metal pergola on galvanized metal plates painted in yellow signifies where three generations will accumulate a arrangement to live and half their experiences.

The few partitions in the bottom floor and the rigor in the bottom notion of the major floor enable closings that in a continuous and sequential arrangement, discuss among themselves to the horizontal yellow plane of the imposing pergolas. In these, the essence of the home is made, harmonizing with the blue of the hydraulic tiles and untying of your total. This space of yellow and blue aspects, verbalize on the terrace and crowning of the building, is joined to the sturdy geometric rigor of the straight lines and arrangement pure volumes that behold to grant identity to the work.

Another notorious ingredient in the composition of the home is the space of glass blocks organized in assorted arrangements, solving questions of privacy and preserve watch over in the passage of light contained thru the translucent floor of the area cloth. The structural arrangement adopted became bolstered concrete, standard and standard in the space. The modular coordination became followed to the letter and guided the architectural belief following a structural reasoning, whose structure expresses a frank and pronounce relation with built formal birthday celebration. The M16 Residence conveys the feeling of welcome to its guests. Whether for the minimal affective ornament or the regional contact of a if reality be told easy and correct architectural language.

NEBR Arquitetura

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