M4 Condominium by Architect Masks in Nagasaki, Japan

M4 Condominium by Architect Masks in Nagasaki, Japan

Mission: M4 Condominium
Architects: Architect Masks
Field: Higashisonogi District, Nagasaki, Japan
Condominium: 1,291 sq ft
Photos by: Toshihisa Ishii

M4 Condominium by Architect Masks

The M4 Condominium is positioned in a nonetheless district of the Nagasaki prefecture in Japan. It used to be designed by Architect Masks as a rhythmic series of volumes which manufacture a non-public, and procure atmosphere. The volumes blueprint a storage and an upper epic with bedrooms and a lot of alternative overhangs that add to the musicality of the blueprint. The floor stage is designed as an birth thought that creates an sizable quantity for social functions.
The sense of safety is emphasised by the solid white partitions that full the facade whereas the wood cladding continues birth air to emphasise the entryway and the non-public areas.

From the architects: “M4-dwelling [overlapping house] used to be constructed in nonetheless geographical region of Higashisonogi in Nagazaki .
My thought of M4-dwelling is: protecting privacy and safety; creating a chuffed and procure intention for household; making rotund use of intention.
Appearance has four differences in stage sense of rhythm by pasting crimson cedar to gloomy frames. And it makes of us in truth feel warm and honorable by harmonizing architecture and surrounding atmosphere.
To compose rotund use of intention, I compose parking intention for bicycles and cars as a entire without utilizing passe fences and carport. I blueprint a huge courtyard to bring sunshine and wind into interior. I planted trees in the courtyard to compose balcony terrace a entire with courtyard and give protection to the privacy. Furthermore the household can in truth feel the adjustments of season in residing & dining room.
Colonnades of crimson cedar give a sense of rhythm to residing & dining room. In day time, the sunlight hours going thru leaves from atrium makes residing & dining room very honorable and concord. In night time, I in trend indirect light in handrail of stars to compose the intention gleaming and righteous.
It makes residing & dining room and the entire dwelling bigger on memoir of the outer wall of ceiling used to be pasted crimson cedar. By this blueprint, it also makes architecture, courtyard, household and surrounding atmosphere in concord with every diversified.”

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