MeMo House by BAM! Arquitectura in San Isidro, Argentina

MeMo House by BAM! Arquitectura in San Isidro, Argentina

Mission: MeMo House
Architects: BAM! Arquitectura
Field: San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Location: 2,314 sq feet
Photos by: Jeremias Thomas

MeMo House by BAM! Arquitectura

The MeMo House is an energy honest single-family home that’s positioned within the San Isidro district of Buenos Aires in Argentina. The accomplish by BAM! Arquitectura specializes in natural light, landscaping and garden views. The total belief is characterized with landscaped courtyards and vegetable gardens that seem on a multi-leveled roof.
The architects did their easiest to optimize the amount of natural light for the length of the home and put birth views to the garden in every home. It became constructed the usage of within the neighborhood sourced presents and it adheres to the LEED sustainable requirements. The MeMo House comprises wastewater technology to carve the consumption of water, whereas solar panels are positioned with admire to the high-tail of the sun to reap its natural energy.

From the architects: “The MeMo home, which became constructed on an area in San Isidro, within the northern half of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, became conceived on the premise of a consumer who is smitten by landscaping and has a solid conviction concerning sustainability and the atmosphere. The premise became to shatter a project in an area between infill buildings whereas reducing to the maximum extent doubtless the shortcoming of green areas as a consequence of the constructing of the home.
With such a realizing in tips, we at BAM! made up our minds to work on architecture and landscape concurrently. The square meters of the constructing footprint flip into a 3-d garden which connects your total architectural flooring.”

“The morphological accomplish is born as a results of the dedication to not waste square meters of vegetal soil, on the one hand, and of the premise of getting a steady-weight entrance through a patio, on the numerous hand, because it’s miles an area between infill buildings. This form of structure generates a topographic play with a system of green ramps that connect the zero stage with the major flooring and the disguise, thus rising a exact garden terrace.
MeMo is a project in which the architectural path performs a decisive role, since we like now to grab into story that the habitual and occasional users are equipped a judge show. This form of show just isn’t easiest a mounted image, but rather a series of photography that overlap, and every frame of the scene has been moderately belief.
We conceive the sustainability of the project as a path, not as a goal. Hence, we snide our path on the LEED requirements and we incorporate the ideas of sturdiness and economic system which shall be traditional in our architectural works, thus fine the desires of the sizzling generation with out endangering the possibilities of future generations since the impact on the atmosphere and its inhabitants is vastly reduced.”

“First of all, we contrivance the high-tail of sustainability by selecting a sustainable lot the set up the owner can get most of her actions on foot or on a bicycle, and he or she will be able to be able to also exercise native vegetation in her gardens and covers, thus restoring the natural landscape and reducing rainwater effluent.
Then we began the accomplish with a bio-environmental impression, taking particular attention to every ingredient of the project, from the distance of the distance, its orientation, the morphology of the amount constructed with admire to the sun’s path and its impact on the numerous areas to originate the heaps of the solar energy, the strategic location of native vegetation and the different of insulating presents of the architectural envelope.
When we resolve the volumetry of the constructing, we birth up with extra particular interventions. Starting by the efficient exercise of water through efficient wastewater technology, and by reducing water consumption the usage of rainwater for the irrigation of native vegetation, which has a minimal hydration requirement.
As regards energy efficiency, we like now solar panels not easiest for the provision of electrical energy but also for the energy for heating, air waft and air-con. We also add the ample dwelling windows with DVH-form glasses which boost thermal insulation. Each and every of these measures enable us to carve energy consumption.”

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