Northwest Harbor Condominium by Bates Masi Architects

February 17, 2021
Northwest Harbor Condominium by Bates Masi   Architects

Bates Masi + Architects earn designed a single family dwelling in East Hampton, Contemporary York.









From the architects

Straddling freshwater wetlands and a tidal estuary factual six toes above sea degree, this dwelling’s space requires extraordinary sensitivity to environmental issues. Native zoning restricts the building’s maximum coverage and proximity to wetlands areas, whereas FEMA necessities build the first floor building above the injurious flood elevation. The dwelling’s fundamental massing is therefore predetermined, restricted to a one epic, 1,900 sq. foot have, raised eight toes above the ground. The areas within this envelope are organized, articulated, and fenestrated in accordance with an innovative structural system that infuses the dwelling’s interior areas with light and circulating air.

Whereas most waterfront building uses pilings to set an synthetic floor airplane upon which a celebrated house is built, on this project these structural members are integral: 16 exposed, glue-laminated piles stake out the enclosing walls for each and each of the three bedrooms and lengthen continuously from the ground thru the roof. The areas between these piles dwelling “utility” functions: closet, desk, laundry, pantry, and bathe compartment. Moreover to to those extinct utilities, three vertical voids are opened between the piles to lend a hand the areas around them.

With out occupying any of the restricted allowed coverage, these delivery areas add appreciable price by bettering the dwelling’s interior environmental fine and diminishing its affect on the native ambiance. The succor is threefold: each and each opening attracts light though the interior areas to the carport beneath, conducts rainwater from the roof deck to the ground by strategy of integral downspouts carved into the piles, and ventilates by siphoning air thru the center of the building.

On the roof the projecting piles divide the build between a deck straight away coinciding with the living areas beneath and a modular planting system installed above each and each bedroom to lower runoff. The projecting piles also lend a hand as supports for photovoltaics that energy geothermal pumps, the utilization of the abundance of high floor water to heat and frigid the dwelling. On the ground degree, the build beneath the house is utilized for parking and storage to lower the footprint on the positioning.

By allowing voids to permeate thru the dwelling, the house owners earn loads of visible connections to the panorama from beneath, within and above the dwelling, encouraging a intention of build.

Architect: Bates Masi + Architects
Contractor: Brain Mannix

Pictures by Bates Masi + Architects

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