Nova Lima Home by Denise Macedo Arquitetos Associados in Brazil

Nova Lima Home by Denise Macedo Arquitetos Associados in Brazil

Conducting: Nova Lima Home
Architects: Denise Macedo Arquitetos Associados
Space: Nova Lima, Brazil
Location: 11,840 sq toes
Photos by: Gustavo Xavier

Nova Lima Home by Denise Macedo Arquitetos Associados

The Nova Lima Home is a broad ranging home that supplies nearly 12,000 square feet of residing areas. It’s situated in Nova Lima, Brazil where it used to be designed by Denise Macedo Arquitetos Associados. 
Before all the pieces scrutinize, the home appears to be like to float in a panorama of hills, jungle and sky however its colossal glass walls, marble, iron beams, white interior walls and pure hardwoods clarify its clean and straight forward lines which can very neatly be in stark distinction to the encircling landscapes.
The plan of this manufacture is to design residing on this home be fancy residing out of doorways within the birth. The simplicity of the manufacture permits the out of doorways to dominate however that doesn’t prick one thing else looking out what any diversified luxurious home supplies. There are silent hundreds residing and leisure areas to boot to some hidden areas where the residents can retreat to meditate.

From the architects: “The theory that of this mission started from the perception of colossal tendency that this Home would prefer as a express for CONTEMPLATION.
First the Home would prefer the motive of sheltering and shriek a substantial collection of contemporary art, and 2nd, outlined by valleys and blue mountains of Minas Gerais, the ambiance is surmounted by a uncommon and spectacular panorama, which wants to be brought indoors in all their environments, bedrooms, baths, residing rooms, Location of enterprise, and basically, the kitchen, since the delicacies is also focal point of hobby of the proprietor.
Subsequently the mission ought to aid and harmonize two necessary wants: mammoth home in brickwork walls for the exhibition of the arts, and facades with glass so as that the external panorama could well presumably very neatly be viewed within the Home. Thus used to be created a gallery of 14 meters deep, and double height of 6 meters high, offering a show home of 190 square meters.”

“The option of materials and finishes geared in direction of simplicity and plainness, characteristics essential to the proprietor, couple seeking to steer clear of interference to the exhibition of works and architectural tracing, tracing this with possibilities already very neatly demarcated by the obvious color of the steel structure of iron ore, beside this build aside is a mammoth mining location. To evade interference used to be chosen the burnt cement ground, and the white walls with special paint and cleaned, collectively with baths and kitchen, attain no longer like coatings. Every aspect are in white Corian, which mimic with the walls, and the carpentry in white lacquer, used to be conceived with the plan of no longer selling the spotlight on the walls, however complement them.
The definition of the furnishings used to be guided by the identical theory so as that at no time does no longer compete with the work, however on the identical time mimetizasse the cement ground burned. The pieces like been chosen by the sobriety and elegance of color and manufacture, following the coherence that has guided the total mission.”

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