Oxfordshire Role by Richard Meier & Companions in Oxfordshire, UK

Oxfordshire Role by Richard Meier & Companions in Oxfordshire, UK

Project: Oxfordshire Role
Architects: Richard Meier & Companions
Role: Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Residence: 9,009 sq toes
Photos by: Hufton + Crow

Oxfordshire Role by Richard Meier & Companions

Richard Meier & Companions, an American structure company, find accomplished their first challenge in the United Kingdom – the Oxfordshire Role which is a characteristically entertaining and extraordinarily colossal white home on a hill that overlooks the Oxfordshire geographical region.
The home attracts inspiration without prolong from the mature English manor home which explains why it is placed on essentially the most elevated phase of the positioning. The concrete building of both the home and the hill stand on a paved irascible. They’re lined in a layer of very entertaining white render that contrasts the plush green landscape.

From the architects: “The siting of the Oxfordshire Role is important now not steady for the views afforded and the expansiveness of the landscape, but also the richness of the spatial experience which begins forward of 1 even enters the property and used to be the main inspiration for the create; The relationships of openness and compression, light and shadow evinced by the location surrounding the positioning and the purity, beauty, and pure property of this particular location in Oxfordshire are in actuality compelling. This country space has been created per three guiding principles: an enticing response to the positioning, a resonant connection with the ancient past of the distance, and a first-rate development in opposition to sustainability. It would possibly maybe presumably maybe well be very now not at chance of conceive of a space in this phase of the United Kingdom with out interested by the typology of the English Manor Residence.”

“This create espouses lots of the tenets in the serve of this agreeable: right here is a family home which honors the woodlands and topography, drawing the occupant into a relationship with the pure world while constructing location for ecstatic living. Express to the positioning of the home and the related structures, the create seeks to integrate the landscape and views as phase of its identity, bringing a pure steadiness between building and landscape. The advance and orientation of the home signify a negate response to the makeup of the positioning.
The solidity of the serve of the home effectively mirrors the density of the woodlands, while the lucidity of the glass in front embraces the openness of the landscape beyond. Equally, the layering of program, partitions and columns that dictate the within layout are designed to counterpoint the light and views particular to every vantage point, constructing breathtaking same old spaces. The create plan for the Oxfordshire Role placed an emphasis on sustainability, both in its up-to-the-minute that implies, which is to convey mechanisms for conservation, emission low cost and renewable energy are employed wherever that it is seemingly you’ll presumably maybe well presumably additionally imagine, and its mature that implies, which is to convey that this home is supposed to stand the take a look at of time.
The home is anchored to its space, and has been in moderation designed basically based in the human scale, the purity of the sparkling, peerless building methods and supplies, and the conservation and utilization of pure property.”

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