Paeco Condominium by Studio Emanuele Scaramucci

Paeco Condominium by Studio Emanuele Scaramucci

Studio Emanuele Scaramucci has designed the Paeco Condominium in Castel Di Lama, Italy.


From the architect:

The constructing conjures up about a of the traits facets of the Marche structure, critically thru the employ of materials corresponding to brick, conventional of rural constructions. Two pleasurable and total shapes, white, obvious, mediterranean, are resting on an “empty constructed” (the glass unsuitable) placed within the center of a hortus conclusus (ingredient expensive to the Ascoli’s custom).

The Residing set is situated on the floor floor and the drowsing set is on the critical floor. By the lay of the land and constructing a top distinction, the dwelling on three ranges, is perceived, on the east and north facets, like a constructing constructed on a single level.

The bottom of the constructing is 160 m2 on a space of 500 m2.

The architectural composition is addressed to the canons of stylish structure and on the identical time it is linked to the native custom. The pleasurable overhang on the west aspect has the characteristic to bear a “as a lot as the moment porch”. This solution affords the risk to employ this ingredient expensive for the Italian structure in a no longer vernacular optical nonetheless start to the canons of most up-to-date structure. This ingredient permits to guard pleasurable dwelling windows from the contemporary summer solar and affords the risk to trip an exterior coated set.

The bricks which private been feeble had been recovered from the dismantling of completely different constructions within the set. The dwelling is energy efficient due to the a tool of insulation and photovoltaic panels. The structure of the constructing consists of bolstered concrete with the shingle of laminated wood intended for reducing the plenty since this set has an high seismic threat. The overhang is supported by two beams- bolstered concrete wall.

The optimization of financial resources (budget € 230,000) and the run of constructing time (9 months),are essential as traits of this constructing.

Architect: Studio Emanuele Scaramucci
Pictures : Gabriele Viviani and Emanuele Scaramucci

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