Palermo Lake Dwelling by Reims Arquitectura in Querétaro, Mexico

Palermo Lake Dwelling by Reims Arquitectura in Querétaro, Mexico

Project: Palermo Lake Dwelling
Architects: Reims Arquitectura
Direct: Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico
Dwelling: 11,840 sq feet
Photos by: Ricardo Janet

Palermo Lake Dwelling by Reims Arquitectura

The Palermo Lake Dwelling is a contemporary geographical region field designed by Reims Arquitectura. This 12,000 sq feet home entails the ideals of a family whose pleasurable aspiration is to dwell outdoors the boundaries of the metropolis intention of life within a natural, distant and quiet environment.
Despite being remoted because of the its distant pickle, the unbiased of this venture is the reverse of isolation. This home is designed to attend social activities enjoyed by your total family equivalent to water sports activities, enology and above all else, country residing.

From the architects: “The parti is determined by the front areas exploitable for such capabilities, the build the south and the west, which align with the lake and the polo discipline respectively, outline the outline of the home, its landscapes and primarily the unifying thread which harbors the total probably public out of doors sport areas in a linear recede, going from the essential procure admission to to the property, increasing alongside the lake, and ending in the social terrace, crowning the pinnacle of the polo discipline with its shadow.
This agree with plot ended in a linear and continuous public spine from which the venture emerges, and it´s center point alongside the fling became became the optimal pickle for he most foremost swear and the coronary heart of this region -the “gargantuan corridor”- which unbiased is to listen, under the same double heighted swear, the total probably activities though-provoking family and social dynamics. Rather than being an overwhelming introduction to it´s within, an environment excellent distributor of the final public and non-public program in two phases, and a reconfigurable environment, the gargantuan corridor is the swear that permits for light, natural air circulation coming from the south, and the fixed toddle of the lake to sail into the home, thus refreshing from the final public pickle to the deepest non-public spaces of this system in the upper stage, in describe to purchase overjoyed within temperatures all over all seasons, in a pickle with semidesert and warm climate lasting 10 months per year. For the length of the cold months, these broad openings oriented towards the south, will allow sunlight to procure admission to and generate solar originate while heating the interior, especially the private areas of the field.”

“Adjacent and spherical the gargantuan corridor in the decrease stage, complimentary spaces are assembled, emphasizing the gourmet kitchen, cellar, eating room, playroom, terrace, and family memory room.
Communicated with the gargantuan corridor, as a semiprivate mezzanine in the upper stage, the family room will be came sooner or later of; an delivery and continuous swear which adapts to the each day requirements and non eternal family dynamics. This pickle brings together, like a hinge, the 2 non-public substances of this system that are positioned at reverse ends; the grasp bed room and the kids’s bedrooms. The route of every and each of these areas used to be company in conserving with primarily the most most neatly-favored gaze in step with the customers, orienting the kids’s bedrooms to the lake because of the their fondness for water sports activities, and the grasp bed room, to the polo discipline, on myth of their passion for the equestrian lifestyles.
With each and each ends cantilevering to underline it´s hierarchical ends – the essential entrance and the gloomy social terrace- the architectural build of the venture is outlined by a load-bearing mass of bolstered concrete which, moreover giving proof of its construction, serves as a canvas on which quarry stones from Queretaro, recycled bushes from surrounding archaic railroad tracks, nationwide hardwood finishes handled with oil and metal constructions and fixtures tamed by the local workmanship, complement the discipline subject palette of this architectural composition.
Finally, the target in the abet of the outward appearance of the home is to present a timeless geographical region environment, which, despite the real fact of formally talking of its technology, it is aloof delivery to time’s intervention and patina the build we imagine the weatherization of the chosen materials and nature’s takeover of its concrete canvas, shall cease this work which, as wine does, pretends to age gracefully, toughen over time, and private the next sense of belonging with its field and context.”

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