Pure Tree-Stump Wood Desk/Stool

Pure Tree-Stump Wood Desk/Stool

Do you need to’re partial to nature but you’re also a busy person who doesn’t get rather about a time to use admiring the natural beauty, there would possibly be amassed hope for you.right here’s a honorable tree-stump formed aspect table that can optimistically attenuate your desire to integrate into the nature. Should that you can even’t gallop into the nature, the nature will reach to you.

No longer finest that right here’s a truly inventive table, but moreover it’s far pratical and it arrives fully assembled. It’s also very easy to neat and, thanks to the natural wood aged, each table is unfamiliar. It is made of naturally fallen cypress trees and it could perchance be aged indoors along with to in open air areas where it would perfectly integrate with the whole diverse functions. The scale are: 12,5” diam x 19” h.

Additionally, thanks to the form and the material that it’s fabricated from, it could perchance be conveniently either as a minute table or as a stool, in accordance to your wants and preferences.On hand for 199$.

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