Small Venice House by Andy Martin Architects

Small Venice House by Andy Martin Architects

Andy Martin Architects trust designed the Small Venice House positioned in London.



Warren and Claire Johnson live in Small Venice with their two younger boys Charlie, 3, and Jake, 2. Their house is determined on the ground floor of grade I listed mansion terrace overlooking one amongst London’s most shapely backyard squares. With ceilings reaching 4.5m,the house has be designed and transformed to swimsuit their busy work and household standard of living. AMA used to be appointed to assist develop this. Private rooms moved to the north and public living spaces to the south overlooking the gardens. Every place aside has been remodelled to give grand storage and walls purposely left free to give dwelling for their expanding art work series.

AMA trust removed the unique info from doorways and walls and reinstated the moulded ceilings and parquet floor. Contemporary choices are made glaring through coloration or texture, and are designed more luxuriate in interventions.

Architects: Andy Martin Architects

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