SoundForm FLUID for Glenmorangie By Philip Michael Wolfson

February 13, 2021
SoundForm FLUID for Glenmorangie By Philip Michael Wolfson

Philip Michael Wolfson has designed SoundForm FLUID for the whisky impress Glenmorangie


Description from the designer:

For Glenmorangie, we were requested to make a sculptural fragment for the originate of Glenmorangie Scotch Whisky in Taiwan & China. For this, SoundForm FLUID became as soon as conceived as a concrete visualization of the wavelength generated in pouring a liquid proper into a crystal glass.

The premise for the Glenmorangie work, SoundForm FLUID, is a pattern of my studios’ examine within the formulation in which sound might be conveyed and transformed proper into a tangible object.  The plot within the support of the SoundForm sequence is that they are seen as a visible poetry, where the illustration of sound conveys an supposed meaning or enact.

SoundForm FLUID originated thru the visuals of the audio recording of sound created by the pouring of liquid proper into a crystal glass, where the following graph, or sonogram, recording became as soon as weak as a unfriendly profile, or visible, instigating the geometry.

In this work, you might presumably perhaps presumably hang the stream of the pouring of the liquid which creates this languid, rhythmic stream, the reaction between the glass and the liquid and then, the following stillness because it settles.

At every stage of the advent direction of, revisions, alterations and changes were completed to allow for the conclusion. In the fabrication, we had to construct as much as the bottom of annoying technical disorders to enact with the advanced compound curves of the produce, as well as rising original ways for the finishing, which is a powder coating of 2 diversified colours – a spell binding bid that required a brand original formulation.

Basically that is a pair of sculptural accumulate and the plot as a bar is secondary to this. Your complete direction of began as a purely sculptural principle – ink traces drawn on a roll of impress as an interpretation of the wavelengths recorded within the act of pouring the liquid proper into a crystal glass. The utilitarian or produce facet is something added to it on the discretion of the person interacting with it.

Take into narrative a video regarding the SoundForm FLUID bar – right here.

Discuss over with Philip Michael Wolfson’s internet region – right here.

Photography by Todd Selby



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