Terraced Landscaping Affords This Dwelling With Extra than one Gardens

Terraced Landscaping Affords This Dwelling With Extra than one Gardens

A terraced garden with wide stairs, sitting areas, and plenty of plants.

Structure company Shaaroffice, has no longer too long ago performed a house in Shiraz, Iran, that sits on a steep-sloped lot and involves a gigantic terraced yard.

Initiating on the top of the yard, there’s a swimming pool, covered exterior house, and BBQ house located straight off the lounge and kitchen.

A swimming pool with a covered outdoor area and an outdoor kitchen.

Vast stairs handbook customers from the house and swimming pool, correct down to the driveway and housekeeper quarters.

Wide exterior stairs connect the driveway with the house.

Alongside the methodology down (or up) the steps, there are devoted backyard areas internal maintaining partitions, along with locations for sitting and stress-free.

A terraced yard with wide stairs, small gardens, and places for relaxing.

At night, the backyard comes alive with exterior lighting that highlights the steps, sitting areas, and the gardens.

Outdoor lighting highlights the stairs, garden, and sitting areas of this modern house.

Here’s a delight in a look on the final layout of the terraced landscape.

A landscape diagram for a terraced garden with a swimming pool.
Structure Firm: Shaaroffice (Ahmad Ghodsimanesh and Partners) – Lead Architect: Ahmad Ghodsimanesh – Earn Group of workers: Maryam Nazemolboka, Samane Zare, Nazanin Farah, Parisa Panahi, Mehrbanoo Malek, Mahdiyeh Hedayati, Ghazaal Nasiri | Engineering & Construction: Reza Fathi and Mohammad Reza Ahmadi

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