The AURA Lamp by Océane Delain and Béatrice Durandard

February 26, 2021
The AURA Lamp by Océane Delain and Béatrice Durandard

French designers Océane Delain and Béatrice Durandard fill created the AURA lamp.


The AURA Lamp by Océane Delain and Béatrice Durandard

Océane Delain and Béatrice Durandard. Their collaboration began when they first met in 2010 all the draw by an internship in a single of IKEA’s departments in Älmhult, Sweden.  Aware of their identical draw to applied arts, they decided to construct their suggestions collectively and to participate within the inaugural model of ADREAM, a European contest of architecture and create the utilization of eco exact, natural offers. Awarded the first prize within the students category, their lamp series, AURA, bears witnesses to their love to combine create and craftsmanship in a mission that is respectful of both the atmosphere and folk:, the designer, the user and the producer.

Their is two suggestions the lamp could perhaps well perhaps additionally be mature: as a wall equipment or suspended from the ceiling. We noticing that the sunshine source is now no longer pinpoint nonetheless dispersed all the draw by the woven rattan disc. The absence of an electric light bulb is obvious within the gap heart of the lamp. Its flooring is adorned with colorful bands silent of extra than one spots of sunshine. These are light emitting diodes, very vitality efficient, in overall called “leds”.

By associating create and craftsmanship, the creators set AURA a rare and outlandish object, now no longer amenable to industrial mass manufacturing. Here is harking help to the thought theorized in 1935 Walter Benjamin who predicted that the replication of an object by technical draw would entail the shortcoming of its charisma as a murals work..  Océane Delain and Béatrice Durandard display conceal that applied arts creations can perfectly well uncover a local within the enviornment of heavenly arts and that a blurring of the boundaries between the 2 could perhaps well perhaps additionally be priceless in inventive phrases. The presentation of separate technical, esthetic, practical and inventive objects underlines the importance of the a astronomical amount of phases of the AURA mission and the importance of create.

The two designers are attempting to sell the lamps, the utilization of local sellers and web, in diminutive serie and on quiz of. Their goal is to now no longer enter in a industrial thinking of advantages wich would push them to enter in a mass manufacturing process, with an object made in Asia and now no longer within the community anymore. They prefere to sell primarily few objects in a mark that admire the total actors, than selling a lot by exploiting low-price manufactuers and enter within the distribution and selling problems of a mass manufacturing object. The price of AURA is mounted to substantiate admire for the working stipulations of workers. Every actor is paid its ravishing price and no profit is extensive. AURA hasn’t been designed in an economic sense nonetheless in a technique of admire and high quality that justifies its mark. AURA is an ecological and ethical object, hight high quality, handcrafted, produced in France.

AURA used to be born from the must freshen the relate of former basketry and integrate into the home the original led light sources.

The craftsmanship, which has existed for hundreds of years is mature with LED sources to set a series of placing and wall mounted lamps. strands of rattan are changed with flexible strips of LED lights all the draw by the weaving process, working them straight into the structure of the article.

AURA obtained first mark in ‘adream’, a european architecture and create contest. a grant used to be given to the 2 french designers to extra fabricate and construct the product. the first prototypes are on currently on demonstrate at espace saint-valentin in lausanne, switzerland except march 13, 2011.

Melissa Rérat, art work historian
Translation from French to English: Nicolas Hislaire
© 2011 Saint-Valentin – “Espace d’Arts Présents, Lausanne” and the author

Visit the AURA Lamp web web site – here.



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