The Strand Situation by Horst Architects

The Strand Situation by Horst Architects

Horst Architects fetch designed the Strand Situation in Dana Level, California.


From the architects:

This AIA award a success home resides at The Strand in Dana Level, California. A series of overlapping reflecting ponds correct via the home’s central courtyard instills a sense of meditation and retreat the effect one can peek the ocean and sky.

Indoor and outdoors living is orchestrated by balancing views with privateness, communal net page with intimacy. The sure expression of the metal skeleton building, in stuffed with glass and wood, enables the improvement to take a seat lightly along the coastal terrain, whereas limestone walls anchor the improvement. The interplay of light, supplies and composition make contributions to a sense of net page rooted into the living.

Architects: Horst Architects
Photographer: Toby Ellis

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