Touguinhó III Home by Raulino Silva in Touguinhó, Portugal

Touguinhó III Home by Raulino Silva in Touguinhó, Portugal

Challenge: Touguinhó III Home
Architects: Raulino Silva
Jam: 4480 Touguinhó, Portugal
Photos by: João Morgado

Touguinhó III Home by Raulino Silva

 The Touguinhó III Home is an out of the ordinary successfully-organized house converse within the hills of the Portugal village Touguinhó. The white, as much as date situation used to be designed by Raulino Silva as a family procedure that can per chance mix in with the surrounding landscape.
The lustrous walls that represent the dazzling honest facade furthermore again to mirror the sun, thus preserving the house icy even on the most up thus some distance of days. Nevertheless, no longer all mild is mirror. Moderately positioned house windows let in precisely ample mild the put desired to mild the inner in a natural methodology.

From the architects: On the procedure, that used to be being used as a planting enviornment, we stumbled on the accepted granite walls, a stone pit, some fruit bushes and bushes. Those walls were recovered and the bushes, the bushes and the stone pit were kept in their usual converse, in voice heart’s contents to defend the identity of the procedure.
The strong slope of the topography of about 5 meters between the avenue and the tip of the procedure outlined the planning of the house in two floors, alternatively it used to be sought that both floors had assert connection with the outdoors garden.
Within the lower ground, which occupies half of the implantation, we’ve a porch that enables automotive parking but can furthermore be used for other activities, recognize young of us’s events. From this case, we’ve earn entry to to the laundry, to a lavatory, a storage room, the technical situation and to the atrium that enables earn entry to the larger ground throughout the stairs.

“On the larger ground, we’ve 3 bedrooms confronted south, one with dressing room and inner most bathroom, the opposite two have a shared bathroom. Both lavatories have a non-public cool weather garden that enables its natural illumination and ventilation. Within the posterior zone, oriented west, we’ve the converse of job, the kitchen and the lounge, which prolong to the outdoors throughout the deck zone, connecting to the swimming pool situation. Within the East zone, we’ve the stairs and corridor with a e-book shelf as well to the bathroom with and connected patio next to the lounge.
About the house finishing’s, on the lower ground the walls and the flooring of the bathroom and the laundry are lined with polished white marble panels. The outdoors unlit concrete flooring defines the house entrance and the shale gravel outlines the crawling vegetation areas.
On the larger ground, the outdoors walls and ceilings are lined in ETICS map; throughout the inner, the catch pine flooring runs throughout the general house and shines within the lacquered wood. Within the lavatories, the walls and floors are lined with polished white marble panels. Within the kitchen, the countertop and fragment of the ground are in white silestone “Zeus” slabs from Consentino, and the dishwasher is made with the same topic material.
Within the pool, the inner is roofed with a white hide and the perimeters of the walls are lined with dekton plates furthermore in white.”

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