Tree House by Miró Rivera Architects in Austin, Texas

Tree House by Miró Rivera Architects in Austin, Texas

Project: Tree House
Architects: Miró Rivera Architects
Station: Austin, Texas
Station: 5,250 sq toes
Photos by: Paul Finkel of Piston Produce

Tree House by Miró Rivera Architects

The Tree House is an magnificent single-family home located in Austin, Texas. It used to be designed by a local structure firm, Miró Rivera Architects who obtain proposed and accomplished a construct with two separate roofs that duvet your total 5,250 sq toes structure. One of the critical roofs is convex whereas the opposite one is concave. The concave one makes definite that the inconspicuous facade blends into the atmosphere and offers privacy for the bedroom.
Alternatively, the convex roof offers an reverse terminate by entirely opening up the opposite aspect of the dwelling to the exterior.

From the architects: “Snug and as a lot as the moment, the Tree House offers apt living home, four bedrooms, and a guest suite to its family of four whereas encouraging a relentless appreciation of nature.
The home’s two curving rooflines—one concave, and the opposite convex—affect a dialogue with the steeply sloping blueprint, unfolding the home to gorgeous views of its natural atmosphere. The convex roof shared by the living, dining, and kitchen spaces opens the inner of the home to a cover of oak trees and a puny pool. Superior home windows in each and each room illuminate the inner home and provide views of the encompassing branches, making rooms feel as within the event that they’re floating among the treetops.
At the motorway entrance, the concave roof kinds a low, unassuming façade that respects the scale of the neighborhood and offers privacy for bedrooms and reports. The roof begins low, permitting the placement to resemble a one-stage constructing when viewed from the motorway, and rises as a lot as favor the views of the oak trees and the cityscape.
The home’s entry used to be conceived as a wedge that connects and opens to the advise see of the trees beyond, whereas isolating the public and non-public areas of the home. Native Texas limestone wraps from the initiating air of the home into the entry’s appropriate wall, constructing a continuity from exterior to interior.”

“Interior, the initiating kitchen and living room, each and each located on the home’s 2d anecdote, provide a perfect location for inspiring and for informal family gatherings, and an adjoining lower-ceilinged breakfast room offers a relaxed home for informal meals and for children to construct up out their homework. The living room offers panoramic views of downtown Austin peeking through intertwining branches, whereas floor-to-ceiling home windows and clerestory facets flood the home with natural mild.
The grasp suite, located on the an identical floor as the living room, capabilities a double-height ceiling and clerestory home windows, constructing a home that is airy and engaging. The shower’s corner window maintains privacy whereas aloof permitting wide views of the backyard and landscape. The ground floor properties the kids’s bedrooms and a apt playroom, giving the family with a extra secluded home for recreation and relaxation.
At the an identical stage as the living location, the seaside-edge pool offers an magnificent water characteristic that shall be continually considered from the living room, reflecting the shadows of the trees. Residents can further abilities the breathtaking landscape by sitting initiating air on the apt ipe-floored deck that extends from the living room, offering seating straight away below the tree canopy.”

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