Ukiyo-e by Florent Coirier, Grégory Marion and Laurianne Lopez

December 1, 2020
Ukiyo-e by Florent Coirier, Grégory Marion and Laurianne Lopez

Three designers, Florent Coirier, Grégory Marion and Laurianne Lopez, created the Ukiyo-e floating backyard for the manufacturer Vertilignes.


Description from the designers:

Art work of the extinct Japanese print, Ukiyo-e, is learn by letting hasten its peek because it addresses the senses and the emotions are wrathful. It is an work of the advice. The note Ukiy ö, in its frail sense qualifies the actual fact of an global the handiest easy job of which is the impermanence.

It is translated in three ways:
“Photographs of the sphere floating”
“Photographs of the sphere which passes”
“images of the unstable world”

Opposing to the satisfaction of an immediate need, to the cult of the performance, the object about which we dream invent no longer ship an immediate satisfaction in the the same system as the aesthetics of the fleetingness which carries Ukiyo-e.

Give of the importance in the object to what escapes us, to the enigma, to the mystery, to nettle the curiosity seems mandatory for a time when loads of the goods invade us basically the most predictable satisfactions. This suspension gives a recent system of spirited the vegetable with out having an overhanging level of concept which dominates the pains. The horizontal tool, on the stage of eye, does no longer satisfy the peek and leaves with the plant the secret of its wild deployment.

The technology:
This thikness is allowed thanks a particular soil (vertisol) developped by the society Vertilab. This soil is a mixture of an organic and a non organic ingredient, which enhance the time lif of the plant. The time between two watering turn into longer, and the plant would be extra independant.

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