Villa L by Powerhouse Company with RAU

Villa L by Powerhouse Company with RAU

Powerhouse Company alongside with RAU win finished Villa L, discontinuance to Utrecht in The Netherlands.


From the architects:

Designed to fulfil the needs and desires of a younger family, Villa L is uncover 22 situation within the woods of central Netherlands, completely oriented in the direction of the solar and the views on the backyard.

Villa L is a spatially diverse scream where each and each floor has its have solid identification, constructing a broad spatial spectrum within a unified total.

A younger family with three early life asked Powerhouse Company and RAU to create a home that would possibly perhaps perhaps fulfill their needs: a paradox of a home that’s easy yet surprising, delivery yet explicit, minimal yet luxurious.

Powerhouse Company, to blame for the create, resolved these contradictions with a home in step with an intensive differentiation of spatial experiences on three floors (of which one is subterranean). RAU embedded the sustainable approach for the villa within the create.

Three decided ranges, with three very diversified characters and functionalities as a foundation for family lifestyles to emerge. One level is for dwelling, a generously delivery ground floor. A strip of serving rooms containing storage, lavatories and stairs, affords simply uncover entry to to the luxuriously delivery dwelling spaces. The kitchen and lounge are oriented maximally to the solar and behold. In discontinuance relation to this dwelling dwelling there are two stories positioned on the north facet subsequent to the entrance.

The series of rooms on the vital floor affords dwelling for napping and privacy. Dwelling in a blinding roof backyard, the total bedrooms are self sustaining volumes crafted of their entirety from darkish wood. They work love a village of cabins, offering intimacy and privacy. Every room is love an worldwide of its have with non-public views over the wooded panorama.

The zigzag basement is for company, wellness and storage. The excavations allow the pool and the guest rooms to win completely glazed facades and explain uncover entry to to the backyard.

The home contains modern sustainable measures including a cold and hot-water storage and huge consume of hidden PV cells. The basement contains a dedicated dwelling for the high-cease energy saving installations.

A home designed for the aggravating lifetime of an evolving family; fragmented yet united, plural yet total.

The plucky structural engineer Gilbert van der Lee, also to blame for engineering Villa 1, designed the structure, including the hovering ceiling of the lounge.

The internal furnishings are designed by interior clothier Bart Vos.

Architects: Powerhouse Company and RAU
Photography: Christian van der Kooy

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