WakuWaku Dammtor by Ippolito Fleitz Community

WakuWaku Dammtor by Ippolito Fleitz Community

Ippolito Fleitz Community catch designed WakuWaku Dammtor, a rapid food and organic food store in Hamburg, Germany.


From the designers:

WakuWaku has relaunched itself as a rapid food restaurant and organic food store in one. The emblem values ‘organic’ and ‘sustainable’ live the particular focal point of all verbal exchange.

The massive, delivery façade gives an unrestricted seek of a condo, which is nearly totally encased in solid wood panelling, increasing the appropriate stage to portray the merchandise within the WakuWaku world. One aspect wall with floor-to-ceiling shelving integrates each and every portray compartments and glass-fronted refrigerators.

A lengthy central counter and parallel niches provide seating spots for all communicative necessities. A quantity of shapes of chair damage up the seating panorama and hark reduction to the authentic WakuWaku outlet – as attain the chair legs, dipped within the WakuWaku company color.

The untreated wood dominating the condo is synonymous with the chain’s ecological sustainability. The tough wood surfaces inequity with the intricate wall sketches created by Chris Rehberger using taut strings and the veil of objective wire lamps.

Designers: Ippolito Fleitz Community

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