Wood Slats Duvet The Ceiling Of This Cabin In Norway

February 14, 2021
Wood Slats Duvet The Ceiling Of This Cabin In Norway
A modern house interior with wood slat ceiling.

Ceilings can most frequently be an overlooked area of the within, however, Bjørnådal Arkitektstudio made it a characteristic on this cabin by lining it with wood slats.

Positioned in Senja, Norway, the cabin has been designed as a cottage for a family, who wished to develop with nature and execute a project that feels love a segment of the landscape.

Wood slat ceilings, wood floors, and large windows give this cabin a cozy atmosphere.

Mountainous house windows provide spectacular views of the surrounding area, while within, the partitions are covered with pine boards, and oak floor has been frail.

The wood slat ceilings, which quilt the originate conception kitchen, dining area, and residing room, design the leer upwards to adore the excessive ceilings and the textured assemble component.

Wood slat ceilings draw the eye upwards to appreciate the high ceilings and the textured design element.

Dim gaps between the wood ceiling slats complement the shaded supports and window frames, while lighting has been attach in to amass the within fascinating on the darkest evening.

A modern ceiling made from wood slats.
Photographer: Hans-Petter Bjornadal | Architects/designers: Bjornadal Arkitektstudio AS | Challenge Manager: Hans-Petter Bjornadal | Create team: Architect MNAL Hans-Petter Bjornadal | Collaborators: Reidar Fagerholt & Solbjorg Sorensen | Engineers: Hustre
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