Yakiniku Master Restaurant by Golucci Global Draw

Yakiniku Master Restaurant by Golucci Global Draw

Golucci Global Draw accept as true with designed Yakiniku Master, a Jap barbecue restaurant in Shanghai, China.


Description from the dressmaker

Yakiniku Master is a Jap barbecue restaurant impress started in 2007, and this project is the fifth branch of the emblem in Shanghai. This project, they invited the renowned Taiwan dressmaker Lee Hsuheng to behavior the waste.

Living in a pragmatic and bustling metropolis worship Shanghai, other folks are quick-paced and extraordinarily busy. They are so busy that relationship between other folks goes additional and additional, even goes indifferent. This capacity that truth, when by the waste, the dressmaker hopes to construct a room for people to isolate from their busy but lonesome life, and occasion with a total lot of pals to accept as true with a scrumptious meal.

The restaurant has an notify of 350 square meters, the waste notion is “contemporary outdated Shanghai style”. The recycled wood pieces are reshaped and weak to decorate the pink bricks, presenting a mottled coloration wall, coupled with charcoal that has been weak in old stores, demonstrating the describe and traits of yakiniku (Jap BBQ). This capacity that truth, the waste integrates simplicity and complexity, former and contemporary how to showcase a properly off and vivid panorama.

Designers adjust to the distinctive building wall building, the dining notify is divided into two various forms of notify, one is the the the French leased notify Sinan Mansions outdated Western-style shutters, the loads of aspect is Shikumen Chinese pink brick wall. peeping thru the windows between the 2 notify each various, easy notion alluding to as of late’s urban window gape in Shanghai.

Designers: Golucci Global Draw
Draw crew: Lee Hsuheng, Zhao Shuang, Ji Wen
Photographer: Solar Xiangyu

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